The Brody Michael Foundation

“There are some who bring a light so bright to the world, that even after they are gone, their light remains.”

It is with utmost pride that we announce that The Brody Michael Athletic Scholarship Fund is evolving into The Brody Michael Foundation. With the incredible involvement and support from the community, we realize that the benefits of this endeavor have the potential to be more far-reaching than we could have ever hoped or imagined. This is a true testament to the life that Brody lived, to his spirit that remains; one of love and benevolence, kindness and consideration, enthusiasm and joy. With this evolution and renaming, our goal is to take #belikebrody from the basketball court to the community, to offer financial assistance to other worthwhile causes in our area and beyond. The Brody Michael Athletic Scholarship Fund, with its annual scholarship award, will remain a priority component of The Brody Michael Foundation as sports, especially basketball, were so dear to Brody and had an enormous impact on his life. Yet this larger umbrella will permit focus on other areas in which Brody was active, such as academics, volunteer work, and much more, as Brody excelled not only in basketball, but in many interests that made him the person that we love, admire, and honor. We are truly grateful for the outpouring of warmth and generosity, likes, shares, and donations made in Brody’s memory and invite you to continue this show of solidarity and support as we expand further into our community, showcasing Brody’s life and legacy. With The Brody Michael Foundation, we will not let Brody’s brilliant light dim and will be in a position to benefit other worthy causes in our area, keeping Brody’s name and what it means to BE LIKE BRODY in the forefront.
Be Like Brody
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What does this mean and why wear it proudly? It means having positivity and compassion for life and those around you. Finding the best in every situation. Being nonjudgmental because you know it's ok to be different but still love one another because we are all human. Believing in kindness and knowing that "please and thank you" go a long way. It's about asking someone how they are doing and truly caring about their response, waiting for an answer, hoping to make them smile or at least make their day better. Learning from your mistakes and realizing everyone makes them – and it's ok as long as we learn from it. Laughing every day. It's living your life to your fullest potential because that's what Brody did for 14 years and made such an impact on all of us!